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“This time… there is no escape.” DESTINY 2: THE FINAL SHAPE Art Print

“We have seen enough. The children of Sol cry out for salvation. You promised them life, but deliver only death, as you have for so many before. Enough. Enough death. Enough life. You have no pieces left to place. The game is over. Do not be afraid. Your pale heart holds the key. This time... There is no escape…”

Deep within the stars and the deep regions of space lies an evil known as the darkness. Ever since the beginning of time it has fought the light. As time went on and wars waged, the darkness manifested itself a physical form known as “The Witness”, an amalgamation of malice and cruelty. Now, in the final expansion in “The Light and Darkness Saga” from Destiny 2, The Witness has locked The Traveler into a stalemate state and invaded the secrets it holds within. Now, it is up to the guardians to stop the darkness once and for all from taking The Traveler and stealing its light forever.

This print comes on 11x14 matte paper and features a signature from the artist on the back.

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