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“A man reduced to a single instinct.” MAD MAX FURY ROAD Art Print

So I exist in this wasteland. A man reduced to a single instinct: survive."

Max Rockatansky wanders the wasteland tortured and haunted by the souls of those he couldn't help save. In his dazed travels he encounters Immortan Joe and his warboys who strap him to the hood of a car and use him as a bloodbag because of his universal donor blood. In this madness he meets Furiosa, a fleeing driver for Immortan Joe who has snatched up his prized "breeders" in an attempt to set them free to prove that they are not owned by anyone and have free will, even in the apocalypse.

Inspired by the groundbreaking action spectacle directed by George Miller, this print comes on 11x14 matte paper and features a signature from the artist on the back.

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